Reviews for Navigating Grief Handbook

This book was written by Marilyn whose life experience of her daughter’s (Tamara) death is inspiring & provides illustrations & advice to grieving parents, families & friends trying to survive the loss of a child. 
While some of the tips would seem to be commonsense she has explained them in such a touching & supportive manner you can feel that she is right by your side as you read the booklet. A must for distressed parents & siblings.

 R.C. Gold Coast

I appreciate all the thought and compassion that went into this instructive guide. While I cannot imagine the profound grief of losing a child, I have experienced my own grief in the loss of loved ones, as we all have, and I found many of the explanations useful and enlightening. The words are affirming and relatable, and I can appreciate the careful editing down to the most essential tips. The white spaces, simple clean font, and unobtrusive soft illustrations are all choices that will help to make a difficult subject and time feel a little more manageable. Thank you also for your vulnerability in sharing your own story, and being a life-giving support for others in their grief. Tamara continues to be a light in the world because of your kindness and hard work. 

This beautiful self-help guide is truly a real gift. It is written from the heart and soul, a source of not just comfort but simple, honest tips that will go a long way to provide guidance. Written by someone with the heart-breaking experience you described as only one who goes through it can is the first healing aspect of the book. The short but empowering facts and tips won’t clog up the pages with too many words to get through to get to the point. No-one would be in the state of mind to sit around and read a novel. What this self-help guide has managed to relay is that everything they will experience is normal in an otherwise surreal experience. I love the point made about don’t listen to “Shoulds.” Being illustrated is another gentle aspect of the guide rather than some big clunky book. 
Kathy G. Brisbane

Fortunately, I have never experienced the death of a child. However, I can imagine this wonderful little book written with empathy and compassion would be a great support for all suffering the terrible loss of a child, and knowing that Marilyn truly understands. There are so many types of loss which cause a person to grieve, and these practical tips could apply to many situations and would provide exceptional comfort. Congratulations Marilyn and I look forward to your next publication.        
Lexie C. Sunshine Coast

Navigating Grief will be such positive support to those who have lost a child, but I also believe to others as well. It is easy to read, and if you don’t have the headspace, the illustrations may be all you need at that very moment to help you carry on. Navigating Grief is also very easy to process; it is not a big thick book heavy with information. It is support you can have with you wherever you are.
Schelley S. – Bribie Island