The Psychic & Mediumship readings provided by Tamley’s Gift can provide you with

  • alternative perspectives about your life’s challenges and potential choices
  • confirmation of the continuation of the existence of our loved ones beyond our physical realm
  • messages from your loved one’s in spirit world
  • spiritual guidance and development
  • assisted emotional healing during your grieving process

Mediumship Reading

A Mediumship reading involves Marilyn connecting directly to the Spirit world with your loved ones. This is a 3 way communication that involves Spirit (loved ones), Marilyn (messenger) and yourself. It is a privilege to make this contact with the other world so the loved one’s spirit is treated with the greatest of respect at all time. Marilyn will explain within a minute or so at your appointment how she will work when doing a mediumship reading.

Often after a connection to a loved one we find we have some answers and a sense of relief that they are around us. However more questions may arise or healing to do in our self-care is needed to make our grief less of a struggle. This is were Marilyn’s skills and life experience can be of support to you.

Testimonials below show individually how spirituality is perceived differently and personally by everyone. It is a very individual experience and often may trigger more questions about one’s belief systems and curiosity of our existence and journey to the Spirit world.

“Thank you Marilyn for a great reading on Skype the other night. I felt very happy to have news, private information and deep connection with my husband, who recently passed over. I thought your reading was very professional. You were sensitive to my delicate state and the whole evening was very helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in this situation.” Lyn B.

“Thank you so much Marilyn for the mediumship reading enabling me to contact my dear sister in law who was involved in a murder suicide with my brother. I know you understand the pain and questions that such an event has on those left behind. To know that she is now okay is such a comfort. Also the knowledge that her beloved dogs whom so well a friend looked after, until they passed over the rainbow bridge are now with her. Thank you also for the kindness and compassion you have shown me. It certainly has been a life changing experience, its wonderful.”  Lexie, Sunshine Coast.

“Thank you Marilyn for the mediumship reading enabling this old skeptic to meet up with my old friend, who was like the brother I never had. To know he is okay and to know he is around me is so amazing, I’m still wondering if it really happened, but I know it did. Thank you for being so kind, compassionate and understanding as you witnessed the emotion I experienced. It just shows this old sailor at the age of 78 still has a lot to learn. I can’t thank you enough.'”  Colin, Sunshine Coast.

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is where Marilyn’s focus is based on reading your auric energy and soul. These readings may provide past, present and future insights and guidance. While connecting and working with Spirit and your Spirit guides, guidance to questions you may have at the time of the reading will often be responded too. However we all have free will and therefore you have the responsibility and choice as to what you do with the guidance given.

“I went to see Marilyn recently during a time when I was having to make a lot of life and career decisions. I had so much going on in my head I had been unable to sleep for all the mind chatter and this feeling of being lost at sea. In just one visit with Marilyn she was able to immediately tune into what was happening in my life and assist me to finally get some clarity and calmness back in my life. I walked away feeling so much lighter and secure in the knowledge that the decisions I had arrived at were the right ones as what was being sent to me was in fact a gift and I then knew I had made the right decisions. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Marilyn to anyone who needs a fine tuning in their life or guidance during times of change and uncertainty in their lives. Thank you Marilyn, you indeed have a wonderful spiritual gift.” K.G.

“At the time I received a psychic reading from Marilyn I was going through a significant point in my life. The messages came from a very pure source and were very relevant, pulling many concepts of significance for me together. I have always found Marilyn’s readings to be authentic and of a high integrity.” Tracy, Brisbane.

“Marilyn’s psychic reading was spot on. It clearly reflected my situation and helped me to better understand my path and current challenges. She provided so many helpful insights and I walked away feeling calm and empowered.” Lucretia, Brisbane.



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