Painted Rocks

On a recent trip I came across a pleasant and unique way for people to share and express their times of great joy and sadness. At the entrance to the river, people had painted the rocks together as families, friends or lovers. Each painting shared their joy for birthdays and weddings, their memories of a lost loved one, thoughts on life motivation, and much more.

2013-08-19 12.06.18

It was unique because it didn’t take away from nature and the surroundings but instead added colour and humanness to the walk beside the river.

Celebrating 1st Birthdays.


To husband and wife now at peace by the river.


Quotes to keep going with the flow of life.

2013-08-19 12.11.46

I felt an added appreciation, not only for the beautiful ocean and river views, but also for the expression of people’s passage in time.

Next time I shall come prepared with my own pots of paint and will add my thoughts to the rocks too.