Life throws Curve Balls


A curve ball, no one knows where it will go!

Every now and then as you journey through life, you will be thrown a curve ball and generally when you least expect or need the disruption.  Often this curve ball happens just when you feel you are in the driver’s seat, your plans are all sorted and flowing.

Then boom, a curve ball is thrown, quick and fast, giving you no time to think, what the… where is this going? So what is the action plan to accommodate this sudden appearance of this curve ball into your well-organised plans, with minimal disruption?

Recently, I have been thrown a curve ball. I sit and think how do I make this situation work to the advantage of both parties, as this particular curve ball is possibly only short-term. Believing that everything happens for a reason, I allow only positive thoughts as I re-do my schedule, as what I learn from this curve ball may be invaluable.

When life throws you a curve ball or you hit an unexpected curve on your journey trust the outcome has a silver lining that will become visible as it unfolds.

curve ball bat








This particular curve ball is a gift, how I play it out is up to me.