Is it time to share?

Do you ever feel like you have to do everything yourself and that no-one cares?

Or do you just soldier on feeling more and more exhausted because you don’t believe your problems are important?

Sometimes can we feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when asking for someone’s help because we don’t feel worthy. But it may only be a five-minute conversation or just a few short words that can give you the strength and courage to carry on. It might even give you a fresh idea or the knowledge you need to face the challenge ahead.

Sharing with someone can be a good thing when you are coping with an impending loss or just want to get things straight and in perspective in your mind. Our imagination can run wild with worry of what may be ahead but someone else may be able to show you how your path may be cleared.

You can share your concerns and worries with an acquaintance, close friend, nurse, support group or someone who just happens to appear at the right time and is willing to listen to your story.

Sharing will help lighten your load and give you the support you need to carry on. It will also help you realise that you are not alone and many others have been on a similar journey.

Maybe you know someone right now who is facing a challenge and you can offer that short but valuable priceless gift of your time to help share their load, today.