How did you go?

question markThe silly season as some name it has been and gone. How did you manage all those visitors with different personalities and energies surrounding you?

Where you able to sustain that balanced centre and mindset or did all your well-meaning efforts just dissolve as the hours and days pressed on.

Feedback from clients who used their personal mix of Bach remedies was that they felt supported and better able to cope with the many emotions that confronted them.

One client in particular found that when she felt anxious or needed to retain calm she popped a Rescue pastille in her mouth and carried on. Her child also benefited from the pastilles when becoming overwhelmed with excitement of all the visitors. Combining the remedies with the quick fix technique I had shown her in a counselling session she felt she handled her meeting of new and old relationships quite well.

Whether the relationship be husband and wife, son and daughter, in-law or out-law, for some it is often a continual battle to maintain equilibrium. One day all are getting on so well and it seems all is in order. However, within a moment a miscommunication or a remark taken out of context, all unravels and emotions of distress and uncertainty surface.

Someone may have ignited unknowingly an old wound/belief or openly mentioned something that was considered private by the other involved.

Holistic counselling is very helpful at removing those toxic wounds or remarks from your mind and body. Released through simple and practical steps enabling you to move forward with peace of mind and regain that balanced centre within and confidence in your daily relationships.

“Old beliefs need to be released in order to give love a space to grow.”   by Louise L. Hay.