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What is Holistic counselling?

Holistic counselling uses an integrated approach to help improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This type of counselling:

  • will help you recognise, accept and celebrate your true and unique self
  • uses artistic therapies including watercolours, drawing, colour, movement to facilitate emotional healing
  • will help you develop strategies to manage the negative emotions disrupting your life and influencing your reactions to work, family, relationships and daily life.

Sessions will help you understand and transform the negative emotions and fears blocking your happiness. You will learn how to:

  • remove negative thought patterns and belief systems
  • apply techniques to support and enhance your inner strength
  • set boundaries and manage negative influences
  • work at your own pace to facilitate the life changes you want
  • recognise when you are reacting to others or specific situations.

Techniques support clients struggling with a range of issues including grief and loss, lack of self-awareness, stress, difficult life stages and emotional exhaustion.

Marilyn may draw on various holistic approaches to ensure your session is tailored to meet your needs.

“I am so very grateful Marilyn Moes came into my life and offered her professional, heartfelt expertise to guide me through the issues I was faced with. Her easy non-judgmental manner was reassuring and her counselling direction was offered at a pace I could manage. I feel Marilyn listened to me and her knowledge allowed me to better understand my issues which empowered me to work through them with her very effectively.” Lee-Anne, Brisbane.

How can artistic therapies help you?

Artistic therapies are used to help clients communicate how they feel without using words. During difficult life stages, many people find it hard to talk about how they are feeling. This means their emotions remain locked inside and can lead to negativity, illness and loss of future potential.

Artistic therapies help people express and release these emotions by incorporating sound, colour, gesture and movement with one of the following creative tools:

  • watercolours
  • colour therapy
  • drawing
  • movement

Please note, you do not need artistic skills to benefit from these therapies as they focus solely on helping you to express your feelings.


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