Get on your bike!

flowers:bikeHow many of you have memories of learning to ride a bike as part of the adventure of your childhood?

Do you find that your life’s journey and lessons may have a parallel to when you were learning to ride a bike?

When we fell off the bike we got up and got back on again.

Like life when we have a setback, we once again take stock, sometimes midstride, then get up and move on. Looking back if we have paid attention and learnt our lesson we will not falter again in a similar situation. Often the fall was not as bad as we thought a few scratches and bruises here and there but we did it, we survived.

Learning to ride that bike although you felt unsteady at first you concentrated on how you took corners, your speed and avoiding obstacles or people by being alert and applying the brakes when needed. Then once you mastered the riding of the bike you enjoyed that sense of accomplishment and exhilaration at achieving your goal.

Do you apply these skills to your life as well? Preparing a contingency plan for the unexpected, applying the brakes when needed, then validating you with a pat on the back when the intended outcome is achieved. As only you know internally how you felt when you finally mastered riding that bike.

Maybe along your journey you also helped someone by offering a lift on your handlebars as they were in need of your kindness and inspiration.

The old saying that, “once you learn to ride a bike you never forget” can be converted to, “once you find that balance in life things fall into place.”