Healing Treatments


Reiki is a peaceful and non-intrusive energy healing that works holistically on your whole body, the four levels, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, providing comfort and relaxation to restore your well-being. During a treatment the practitioner acts as a conduit where natural healing vibrations are transmitted through their hands to your body. Activation of these vibrational frequencies enables your body to instigate its own healing processes.

Benefits include:

  • aiding the grieving process
  • induces relaxation
  • reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • improved well-being
  • restored emotional, psychological and physical harmony
  • release of energy blocks
  • aid in alleviating pain and discomfort
  • accelerates the natural healing process
  • supports traditional therapies

Treatments enable your body to feel centred and balanced.

Reiki literally means “universal life energy” and is a natural ancient form of healing. Dr. Mikao Usui re-discovered this ancient form of energy healing and developed his teachings. Globally through his teachings many people have learnt Reiki and therefore many have benefited from the well-being and harmony this healing instigates throughout the mind, body, soul and spirit.

“Receiving 3 Reiki treatments from Marilyn allowed me to not only feel the physical changes and relief of pain in my body but a sense of calm and grounding to cope with every day challenges. Many thanks.” James, Sunshine Coast.

” I have noticed from my treatments improved harmony and well-being, plus a lessening of my anxieties. My intuition is also far more clearer and my awareness to what is happening day to day with my emotional and spiritual body is quite intriguing. Marilyn is ethical and sincere with her attention focused totally on her client’s welfare.” Anne, Brisbane.

“Reiki is so soothing and I feel quite refreshed and energised after a treatment. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone who would just like to enjoy a safe and relaxed treatment in a professional and welcoming environment.” Janet, Brisbane.  

Distant Healings are also available on request. 


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