Do you notice?

sad lady

Whether it is the first year or years since your loved one died, not only do your thoughts remind you but your physical body can remind you as well.

Through personal experience and from listening to and observing others who have lost a loved one, I have noticed that even though you may feel you are fine, your body relays a different story.

When a significant occasion occurs, such as, an anniversary or a birthday, do you notice any unexplained physical symptoms, a sudden cold, feeling unwell, easily exhausted or agitated?

It may be that the significant occasion is a week or month away, so you do not relate the symptoms to this upcoming event. Therefore there seems no logical reason for these symptoms, as a few days ago you were feeling well, but now this morning you are tired and a little lethargic.

Through research, studies and body-based therapy, I support the belief that your body stores your biological (cellular) memories of both the good and bad events that occur throughout your life’s journey.

Although you continue on, you are reminded through these physical symptoms that you did experience an enormous loss and shock in your life when that someone special left your physical world.

These symptoms not only appear from the loss of a loved one. It can be from any major loss in your life. Divorce, losing your home, moving overseas or loss of a family pet.

Time may help distant that unfathomable pain but the memory will live on within you.

Be reassured that what you are feeling is normal but if the symptoms are unusually prolonged, maybe a visit to a health professional could be helpful.