Christmas Craziness

donald duck

Its time for the festivities to begin!

Along with the joy of these celebrations it is not unusual for you to feel overwhelmed by all the organising, shopping, exhausted from the big year just past, impatient and irritated by the thought of shopping, balancing finances after buying presents for loved ones and just generally stressed out!

Of course Rescue Remedy to the rescue but here are some other specific remedies you may find helpful.

Beech – Everyone is getting on your nerves and you become critical and intolerant.

Elm– For when you feel as though everything is getting on top of you, there is so much to do. You are feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope with everything you have to do you may have taken on too many responsibilities.

Gentian – For setbacks, you planned to have a great Christmas but things keep going wrong, problems keep cropping up and you feel let down. Gentian is for doubt and despondency. You are easily discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when faced with difficulties. This depression is always from an identifiable cause, you may in fact be making good progress but are easily disheartened by small setbacks.

Mimulus – For when you fear the vibe of family get togethers. You hate the tension in the air and are scared at the thought of what is going to eventuate this year!

Olive – Mental and physical exhaustion –strength and energy have run out. Olive is for when you feel exhausted in body and mind. As a result of being over tired the body may be functioning below par.

Tip: Add some Rescue Remedy to the Christmas Punch, Champagne Cocktails to help keep all guests calmer!