Bach Flower Remedies

Do you want to remove your troublesome emotional turmoil and negative thoughts?

Bach Flower Remedies can help you:

  • restore harmony and inner peace to your mind, body and soul
  • balance negative emotions
  • take control of your situation
  • feel good about yourself.
How do they work?

Bach Flower Remedies are used to balance the negative emotions that may cause physical and psychological symptoms. The remedies help restore positivity and enable the body to heal itself.

During your session, we will define your personality type and discuss the current challenges and emotions you are experiencing. A personal treatment combination will then be mixed to suit your situation.

Personalised mixes may:

  • assist with the emotions experienced during grief and loss, relationship breakdown, exams, loneliness, menopause, and other challenges
  • be used to gently restore calm and relieve fear if you are feeling anxious, experiencing panic attacks or depressed.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you Marilyn for the treatment you provided while I was going through my breast cancer experience. I was having a particularly difficult time during my chemotherapy and radiation, and with the support of your Bach Flower Remedies along with your holistic approach to my emotional and physical wellness, my journey was a far more physically comfortable and less anxious experience than it otherwise would have been.Since the completion of my chemotherapy and radiation, your ongoing treatments have resulted in my continued physical and emotional wellness. Again Marilyn, thank you.”  Janette, Brisbane.

Remedies for children?

Bach Flower Remedies can help your child remain calm. The remedies are safe for all ages and can help manage your child’s stress or behavioural issues such as:

  • separation-anxiety
  • stress caused by starting school or school-related activities
  • panic attacks induced by unfamiliar environments.

“I would like to thank you Marilyn for all you did with my son during his illness. The Bach Flower remedies helped him tremendously during the early period of diagnosis, through his understanding and acceptance of his condition, together with your Holistic treatments through to his passing. I thank you for helping my son to live as well as he could emotionally with and throughout his extensive period of ill health.” Robyn, Bribie Island.

Pre-made remedies?

Rescue Remedy can be carried in your handbag and will help you manage unexpected stressful moments




Who developed the remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are 38 individual flower essences discovered by Dr Edward Bach. Dr Bach’s research confirmed emotions had strong underlying connections to causing illness.

The remedies are safe, simple to use, non-toxic and non-habit forming. They are suitable for men, women and children of all ages to help restore emotional balance.



“Bach flowers have the amazing power to turn my negative emotions into happy, positive ones. Just four drops of the right personal mix four times a day and I can feel myself changing. I believe in Bach flowers and their positive uses and definite healing power. Why? Because they work for me.” Denise, Gympie.

Disclaimer: Bach Flower Remedies are used in a supportive role only. Medications should not be discontinued without the approval of your medical practitioner.

Bach Flower sessions may be conducted in person, by email or skype.

Initial session: $80 per hour. (includes one personalised Bach Flower mixed treatment bottle.)


Please refer to terms and conditions on Contact Us page. 


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