Marilyn’s Journey


“Your wings were ready but my heart was not” 


If 30 years ago on 28th January 1987 if I had known that today I would now be a Certified Psychic Medium that communicates with our loved ones in the Spirit World I would have found that incomprehensible.

My journey into this field of Mediumship although unknowingly to me was buried deep within my soul was only ignited and begun because of the loss of my beautiful 8-year -old daughter Tamara.  Otherwise i would not have questioned where does she go and is her pain gone.  Do I ever see her again?  So many unanswered questions when a loved on passes. My prayer was that she was no longer suffering.

Nothing prepares you for the death of a child.

Being blessed with this gift of Mediumship I have been able to help others who have lost loved ones with the knowledge that their loved ones are okay and that their spirit lives on. That we can communicate with them and that they are with us in a moment.  I still however find this is sometimes unfathomable to me.

It was 10 years before I thought of visiting a Psychic Medium and was quite shocked at the detail she gave by evidence of describing my daughter’s physical appearance.  Then how my daughter had passed and her condition all of this without any information from myself.

Another 10 years passed before I felt the urge to continue investigating how the spirit world actually worked and how it was possible that I often received messages for friends when their loved ones died.

In more recent years losing other treasured family members and knowing that they are no longer suffering aided a quicker recovery for me in the grief and loss process.  Although it did not lessen the sadness or emptiness of them no longer being here on earth to be held and spoken too.

I feel honored and humbled that I can now also share this gift with others to help them on their journey of grief and loss, with the added gift of spiritual guidance.

I have studied with some of the best and most reputable Mediums in this area and will be forever learning about this journey.  I strive to learn more and more how I may strengthen the connection to our loved ones in the Spirit world and aid them by being a clear conduit for communication with their loved ones here on earth.

So my journey now is to combine this mediumship gift with my other skills through compassion and integrity to support others. Utilising skills in readings, extended to the online audience through individual or group online chat sessions, to people around the world, servicing your needs to heal.

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