knowledge, guidance, insight

Tamley’s Gift’ is the combined creation of grief guidance with specific supportive holistic services.

Marilyn Moes established Tamley’s Gift in memory of her daughter, Tamara Lesley.

Tamara at the age of seven years was diagnosed with a rare and untreatable condition in 1986.

Marilyn became involved with many families sharing similar and unimaginably stressful experiences over the following months. After her daughter passed away, Marilyn felt a strong call to become a counsellor to help other grieving and emotionally exhausted parents through their journey.

Over the past two decades, Marilyn has provided counselling to many families and friends who have lost loved ones. She has also in the past provided comfort and guidance through volunteering at Compassionate Friends – an organisation where parents provide support for each other after losing a child.

Marilyn uses her skills, qualifications and experience to help parents cope with life’s daily challenges. She also draws on her intuitive and spiritual gifts to pass on messages to loved ones left behind, where appropriate and respectful.

Her formal qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences and Community Work
  • Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Artistic Therapies
  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Internationally-registered Practitioner of the Bach Flowers Foundation
  • Reiki
  • Silver member of the Australian Academy of Spirit
  • Certified Psychic Medium through LWISSD

Tamley’s Gift aims to light the way with knowledge, guidance and insight.

What we offer

  • Grief guidance and helpful techniques
  • Compassion self care therapy
  • Readings
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Healing Treatments
  • Authenticity, Empathy and a safe space of non-judgment

We look to provide you with techniques and tools to move forward on your journey of grief and loss.  With a unique combination of counselling, spiritual guidance and holistic aids, such as, colour therapy, vibrational essences and healing treatments. However there is no time frame on our grief where one experiences that intensity of the denial, loss, disbelief, quilt of losing a loved one. Marilyn aims to assist you after those initial few months where we are in shock. Offering guidance and knowledge to understanding the stages of grief with the added knowledge that your loved ones continue to exist in your life.  Allowing you to once again to find that seed of hope towards joy in life to continue on knowing your loved one is always near.

Sessions may be tailored to your specific needs and situation if needed.